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New in Home Banking….ALERTS

To access, sign into your account using Online Banking.

Once you have signed in, do the following:

From the Menu, click on My Account and then click on Change my Alerts

You will be able to setup Alerts for:


For your protection…CHALLENGE PIN on every sign-on

In an on-going effort to protect your account, we will be asking for a challenge pin on every signon.  There is currently a massive cyber heist planned against US Financial Institutions.  This Trojan (virus) can affect any computer.  It will be able to steal all of your credentials off of your computer and therefore gain access to any of the applications on your computer.  The challenge pin is additional information required to stop the hacker in their tracks.  If the pin is going to your cell phone, the hacker has no way of obtaining that information.

We often get the question from our members, why does my other financial institution only require a password or maybe a picture and a password.  We cannot speak for other financials that may be willing to risk the integrity of your account.  The Arcadia Credit Union is committed to protecting your account and your assets.


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