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Coin Counting Machine

Turn spare change into cash. Our coin counting machine is available to all Arcadia Credit Union members. Stop by our office to have your coins counted.

Direct Deposit

Have your paychecks, social security checks, or other recurring checks deposited directly to the Arcadia Credit Union account of your choice.

Money Orders

FREE for members over age 50

Make sure important payments go through without a hitch. We offer money orders for values up to $1,000. Visit our office to pick up yours.

Night Depository

Make deposits according to your schedule. Our night depository is available to all credit union members 24/7. You can find the night depository at our office.

Notary Services

Visit our office to meet with our notary.

Payroll Deduction Plans

Reach your financial goals — automatically. Use payroll deductions to pay down debt, build up savings, and more. Contact us for details.

Safe Deposit Boxes1

Protect your jewelry, documents, or other valuables with an Arcadia Credit Union safe deposit box. Contact us for pricing and availability.

Savings Bonds Redemption

Cash your paper savings bonds at Arcadia Credit Union. Just bring your savings bond and proof of identity to our office.  

Wire Transfers

Contact a Member Service Representative for wire instructions.

1Contents are not insured or guaranteed by the credit union, the NCUA, or by any other government agency.