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Scams and Misleading Solicitations

(June 9, 2022)

It has come to the attention of the Credit Union that members have been solicitated by companies, accessing public records, with misleading messages that make them appear to be affiliated with Arcadia Credit Union.

At this time, we are not affiliated with any insurance companies to promote specific mortgage protection policies or any type of life insurance as part of our product line-up.  

Arcadia Credit Union does offer consumer protection products.  Those products are offered through carefully vetted partnerships and will be explained during the loan application and closing process, with options to opt out of coverage.

Remember, never give out personal identifying information when being contacted by someone selling or promoting one of these products.  Always call Arcadia Credit Union at 800.325.2126 or 608.323.2126 if you are concerned about fraud or if you have recently given information out as a result of one of these contacts.  


Scammers are constantly evolving.  They prey upon national and local disasters.  Please be vigilant when being contacted due to the national COVID pandemic, any national weather emergency or any local events. Identity theft can become more prevelant during times of uncertainty.  If you believe you have given out information that may cause fraud on your accounts or negatively affect your credit, please contact us immediately.